We wrap a tie around your ticket


1. Unless explicit written approval for deviation, these terms and conditions are applicable to all contractual relations between Cravat Events (Vrijgeweidestraat 61, 2800 Mechelen, VAT BE 0660.790.229) and the person or legal entity, who requested the services or products of Cravat Events, hereafter named 'the client'.

2. At confirmation of the order, the client acknowledges to have read and approved these terms and conditions, which fully are part of the contract between the both parties. The acceptance of these terms and conditions are a defining requirement for Cravat Events. The usage of the material, the software, the interface and the website(s) of Cravat Events, including all its content, automatically implicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3. When Cravat Events act as a service provider for another event organiser, Cravat Events cannot be held responsible for the set-up of the location and any possible changes in date, place, price or full cancellation of the event. The person or legal entity who ordered the services is solely responsible for the reservation and payment of the latter, even in case the order has been done for a third party. The tickets cannot be resold or donated to third parties as part of a commercial relationship. The tickets cannot be reimbursed, even in case of loss or theft, except in case of a cancellation. The reimbursement will only be done to the original buyer, after returning the tickets.

4. The tickets are booked at the moment the registration form is sent. They will be sent after receipt of the payment. The reservation will be cancelled by Cravat Events when the payment is not received within the payment term. The payment terms will be stricter when tickets for an event or price category are almost sold out. The VAT and possible taxes or fees, are due by the client.

5. According to the type of event, different delivery possibilities are offered.
In principle the tickets will be sent to the e-mail address entered at the reservation, unless the client chooses for a different delivery method.
The tickets sent via mail (Post Prior) and that are lost, destroyed or stolen, can be replaced. The client needs to contact Cravat Events at least one day prior to the event. The original tickets will be cancelled (so they cannot be used by a third party). The new tickets will be available at the ticket booth on the day of the event at presentation of a legit ID of the purchaser.
In case of loss when delivery is done by registered mail, both parties agree that the complaints will be transmitted to the organiser/promoter, who will judge the consequences of the loss and will exempt Sherpa when they provide proof of the registered mail.
When the buyer has not received the tickets 4 days prior to the day of the event, he must contact Cravat Events.
For orders placed within 5 days prior to the event, and the delivery method 'by mail' is selected, the tickets will be available at the ticket booth at the event. The possible shipping costs will be reimbursed after the event. The tickets that are not collected at the ticket booth are considered sold and cannot be reimbursed. Delays cannot be held accomplice for any claims, reimburses or interests.

6. The amount of the purchase can be collected by several payment methods. Every amount not paid at the due date will, by law and without prior notification, be increase by a yearly interest of 12% until the full amount is paid. Furthermore an indemnification of 15% on the unpaid total amount, with a minimum of € 50,00 will be claimed, by law and without prior notification.

7. The texts, databases and its content, the layout of pages, photos and pictures are private property of Cravat Events, its suppliers or third parties whom with Cravat Events has agreements. Each form of replication, publication, reproduction, or any other form of misuse is restricted without prior approval of Cravat Events. Saving and importing information from the website of Cravat Events to a database is strictly prohibited.

8. Cravat Events invests all possible means to keep the information on the website up-to-date and complete. Cravat Events cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by incorrect information, unless severe error by Cravat Events can be proven. Cravat Events cannot be held responsible for the delay or cancellation of the services in case of force majeure. Will be considered cases of force majeure: strikes, disasters, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical defects, floods, etc. Cravat Events is not obliged to provide proof of the unforeseen and inevitable nature of the situation in case of force majeure.

9. The buyer commits that the personal details entered in the identification form on the website when purchasing tickets is correct and complete. Cravat Events has the right to cancel the ordered in case of suspecting fraud. The personal details are collected for the execution of the contract and can be stored by Cravat Events to guarantee the correct execution of the agreement. The personal details can be used by Cravat Events and its affiliates, and can be passed on to third parties which are contracted by Cravat Events, for marketing purposes. Each buyer who can provide proof of its identity, has the right to access its personal details. According to the law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of the privacy and processing of personal details, and according to the Royal Decree of 13 February 2001, the buyer can prohibit the use of its personal details for marketing purposes through written request by e-mail to hello@cravat-tickets.be or by mail to the legal address of Cravat Events. The buyer has the right to deny any publicity by e-mail through a written request, according to the law of 11 March 2003 concerning certain juristic aspects of the services of the information society, and according to the Royal Decree of 4 April 2003 regarding the sending of publicity by e-mail.

10. The terms and conditions arrange all aspects of the contractual relation between Cravat Events and the client, excluding the terms and conditions of the client. Each modification, deviation or addition to these terms and conditions must be agreed on in writing. Cravat Events has the right to change the content of the terms and agreements of the site www.cravat-tickets.be at any time, without any written approval. The modifications apply from the moment the website is published, unless otherwise agreed.

11. Terms and conditions regarding the e-tickets: the e-ticket, once it is printed, is the only proof of admittance to the event. The print must be perfect, all parts must be readable without any possible confusion. If this is not the case, the admittance to the event will be denied. Each unique barcode or QR-code corresponds to one single admittance ticket. The e-ticket will be scanned at the entrance of the event. The ticket can only be scanned once on the date of the event. If the same barcode or QR-code is presented at the entrance more than once, only the first will be granted access to the event. Every attempt to misuse, duplication or fraud can lead to legal process.
Cravat Events guarantees the authenticity of the tickets as far as the tickets have been bought through this website. Therefore it is not advised to accept any offers from third parties or other websites. The e-ticket will not be refunded nor exchanged.

12. Cancellation of the event by the organiser: in case of cancellation of the event by the organiser, the tickets will be refunded by the organiser or traded in for another event on a different date. This choice is up to the buyer.

13. Right for revocation: the online agreement for the delivery of housing-, transportation-, horeca- and recreational services, for which, at the time of agreement, the vendor is obliged to provide the agreed for services at a specific time and date, are excluded from the field of application of the law of 6 April 2010 (altered law of 14 July 1991).

14. Portrait rights: by agreeing to these terms and conditions, the client waives all portrait and video rights on photo's, pictures or videos taken during the event and transfers them to Cravat Events. This waiver regards al broadcasts on national and international television and for publications in magazines, newspapers or any other printed matter of the photos used in the same communication campaign. The waiver also regards the use on websites, in waiting rooms or during lectures and presentations. Every claim regarding the mentioned rights regarding production of photos are therefore invalid.

15. In case some of the provisions mentioned in these terms and conditions are declared non-valid, both parties agree to replace the non-valid declared provision by a suitable provision in regard to the interest of both parties.

16. The relation between the buyer and Cravat Events is subject to Belgian law. In case of any dispute, only the court of the jurisdiction of Mechelen is qualified. Both parties explicitly accept electronic mail as medium of communication as evidence.